Why should you join the Conway Downtown Partnership? 
The CDP is a full-time advocate for the downtown interests and downtown businesses.  With the support of our members and our local elected officials, we work hard toward the continued growth of downtown Conway and a healthy and diverse economy.  We provide technical assistance during renovations and facilitate financial incentives on the sate and local level.  We generate good will and advocate projects by working with local government in matters of permits, zoning and other issues.  Each member adds to our strength and resources for a better downtown Conway.
CDP members include national corporations, small locally owned businesses, education and civic organizations, government agencies, downtown property owners, arts and cultural institutions, and a large collection of companies that conduct a significant part of their activities in the Central Business District - a broad range of stakeholders actively involved in making Downtown Conway the vital urban core of the region.
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A healthy and vibrant urban core means business
A vibrant downtown helps Conway to be regionally competitive for new businesses and tourism.  More businesses and tourism creates added tax revenue, generates jobs, attracts a talented workforce, and creates profit opportunities for businesses, the public sector, land owners, developers, builders and other private interests.  More businesses, residents and visitors in turn draws entertainment venues, new retail and services.  And the benefits continue!  
Access to decision makers and community leaders
The Partnership works closely with elected officials and local government leaders to ensure that the interests of members are protected.  Our close relationship with City and County leadership means that the Partnership is in a unique position to serve as a liaison between the business community and local government.  Additionally, members have numerous opportunities to meet community and business leaders at various Partnership events, meetings and special sponsored functions.
An opportunity for your voice to be heard
Membership with the Conway Downtown Partnership enables your business and employees to become participants in the region's most dynamic business and entertainment center.  Partnership committees generate ideas and shape policy for Downtown Conway. Through committee involvement, members interact with CDP staff, other members and Downtown stakeholders on Downtown issues effecting member companies.  Additionally, members are encouraged to share opinions on Downtown priorities through forums, surveys and other opportunities.  There are many ways for members to be involved and recognized for their participation.
Access to vital information
The Partnership provides up-to-date data on trends and information that will help you make informed business decisions.  CDP provides regular communications containing all you need to know about Downtown Conway. Members receive a bi-weekly e-bulletin with “insider” information about Downtown and the Partnership and have access to research and updates on Downtown developments, construction work, and transportation issues, as well as the membership roster.
Special invitations and discounts at events
Members receive regular information about current activities, events and downtown developments both through correspondence and the numerous programs that the Partnership organizes.
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