Why Downtown?
Downtown Conway is already home to more than 2,500 jobs and 300 businesses, and the downtown area is growing rapidly.  The master plan of redevelopment adopted in 2001, laid plans for a parking deck and lucrative investment incentives make downtown a logical choice.  Now is the time to take full advantage of what downtown Conway has to offer.  The following are just a few of the perks available in downtown Conway.

Why locate your business downtown?
The healthy and diverse economies working every day in downtown Conway provide insurance that your business can succeed.  Just one development in downtown Conway has the opportunity to serve a variety of businesses.  Plus, downtown Conway offers competitive wages, lower property taxes and utility expenses, and lower mortgage costs than surrounding areas.

perks of being downtown

Your Downtown offers unique amenities

Downtown Conway is the place to do business. As the center of our region it offers perks like free Wi-Fi access, networking opportunities, and easy access to amenities perfect for attracting employees and entertaining clients.

Wi-Fi Access
Downtown Conway was one of the first cities to lead the charge of expanding Wi-Fi access by offering it downtown. The ability to conduct business via e-mail and text outside of the office makes doing business downtown efficient and convenient. Visit the Wi-Fi section of our Partner Conway Corporation's Web site to learn more.

Community Involvement
When your business is downtown it opens up a wealth of opportunities to get involved in your community. Downtown is home to many groups and associations, both professional and community-based. Whether you want to talk business with local leaders or volunteer with local arts groups, you can do it downtown. Learn more about all the groups downtown by clicking here Community Services to visit our community partner sites.

Downtown has a wide range of amenities from restaurants to unique shops and boutiques to sporting events to open air festivals and street performers. You can enjoy a stroll on Front Street's tree lined sidewalks at lunch or grab an organic hot dog in Simon Park or catch a game on the multiple flat screens after work at JJ's Grill. If you've got a busy schedule, you can quickly take care of your dentist or optometrist appointment downtown on your lunch hour. You also have over 16 restaurants to choose from at lunch, featuring everything from fast food to white tablecloth dining. And after-hours activities are easily accessible and among the liveliest in town. You're blocks from world-class theater and live performances at Reynolds Performance Hall at UCA or Staples Theatre at Hendrix College. Being located downtown is not only good for your business, but it's also good for your social calendar. You can learn more about downtown's unique entertainment offerings in our Downtown Dollop your weekly downtown update.  You can signup to receive your own Dollop at our WEB SITE, to learn about all of the services offered in your downtown.